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How to Fall Out of Love of a Narcissist? 3 Useful Techniques

How to Fall Out of Love of a Narcissist

How to fall out of love with a narcissist after you’ve completely lost your mind to him, and you feel like he has complete control over you? Do you think that maybe this will never be possible again, or you’re just putting all your effort into making that happen! Well, in this article we will analyze 3 techniques that could be really very useful to you.

1. How to Fall Out of Love of a Narcissist? Realize who he really is

You know when you fall in love with someone and everyone sees him as the ugly duckling while for you is a beautiful swan? Good! This is the case. A narcissist actually falls into the category of the ugly duckling disguised as a majestic swan, maybe we could say a black swan to continue to find allegories!

The first step is to realize that he’s not who you think he is. If you already have the doubt that he suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, then this can be a big wake-up call. But be careful though, the term “narcissist” in this period is quite abused to label people who are not, actually.

This disorder is not as widespread as one might think, whereas only a small percentage of the world’s population suffers from it in a pathological way. Many other subjects have only traits of the disorder and others have attitudes that can derive from avoidant personalities, philophobics and so on…

In short, one should not attribute this term without having the certainty that the person in question really suffers from it, unless the disorder has been recognized by a real psychologist.

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That said. Once you have the confidence to deal with a narcissist person, the first step is to realize that he’s probably already dating other people besides you. In any case, if he’s not doing it now, he will!

If you break up (or leave, because this often happens) he will not suffer so much, but will seek attention from any other person. It can hurt to know these things, to feel not suited to him and always try to compete to be loved, but you have to find the courage to face reality and realize that he is not really who he says he is. He created a mask that forces him to pretend, all to win you over, take what he needs and then replace you.

2. How to Fall Out of Love of a Narcissist? Using the No Contact.

You will be reading it everywhere that no contact is the best technique to use to fall out of love with him, but it is really complex to adopt efficiently! The reason is soon said, since this technique consists in blocking any contact with him means that for you that you will do it will not be a walk since you have very strong feelings, while for him it will be the coup de grâce.

Let’s say he broke up with you, and you’re in tremendous pain over your shattered love. In such a situation it will be difficult to take the initiative to block any contact, but in reality it is only the first step to be difficult to deal with. After that, you’re going to need a lot of tenacity not to go back.

You will notice that after you have pushed him away completely, maybe after a couple of months, you will start to find part of the contact with yourself and this will make you realize how much time you have lost on the way. The narcissist for the first time might try to hang up or leave without pining too much, you don’t care about him and go on!

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Start finding more time for yourself, go to the gym, hang out with new people, and just get control of your life. By the time you do, you can finally say that you don’t think about him anymore.

3. How to Fall Out of Love By Listening to Your Feelings

Okay. I know what you’re thinking, now you’re going to tell me that probably if you listened to your feelings, then you’d run under his house! But in reality it’s not so… Try to listen to yourself better. What does that mean?

It means that what you’re feeling is almost certainly inadequacy, loneliness, sadness and unrequited love (or at least not as much as you’d like). This is also known as Echo syndrome, that feeling of absolute sadness that involves not being accepted by the narcissist.

Because in reality he will never be able to appreciate you for who you are, it’s not like that! He’s just looking for attention, someone to make him feel good, but no matter how hard this person tries, it’s never gonna be enough. That’s why you should listen to yourself and understand that that halo of negative feelings you perceive should not be normal!

You deserve a carefree and light love, someone you can have fun with and make you feel good. A narcissist can’t give this to you and if you’re wondering if it’s going to change someday, the answer is no. It’s not going to change. Unless you decide to go on a journey with a psychologist.

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You deserve a carefree, light love, someone you can have fun with and make you feel really good. A narcissist can’t give this to you and if you’re wondering if it’s going to change someday, the answer is no. It’s not going to change. Unless you decide to go on a journey with a psychologist.

Since life is one and must be lived in the best possible way. Is it really worth waiting so long?

Why would you have the guts to do that?

Probably, after reading this article you will close the screen and think that maybe it is better to wait a little longer. That you care too much to throw everything away and that that person is really nowhere to be found, an opportunity like this will never happen again! (And fortunately!)

All these thoughts are linked to the fact that he has worked to emulate the person of your dreams, but as he has done with you, he has done with many other people. He does not really know who he is and often the cause of his behavior is linked to various problems he experienced during childhood.

So, since a common mortal can’t take the trouble to help anyone but needs more happy times than sad and understanding how to fall out of love with a narcissist is never easy, There is no point in trying to force one’s own permanence in this kind of relationship, but on the contrary, we must work to speed up the process.

If you feel sad, unmotivated, or do not have the courage to break this kind of emotional addiction, then you should consider asking for help in turn. If you think you can do it then you can finally see the light after so many days of darkness!