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How to Torture a Narcissist with These 3 Methods (and Why Not)

How to Torture a Narcissist

If you’ve stumbled onto this article it means you’re trying to figure out how to torture a narcissist to get back at what happened to you. You want to get back on track and recover from all the pain it’s caused you, but in reality there are reasons that should keep you away from the idea of doing so. Let’s analyze the situation to find out more.

How to Torture a Narcissist: 3 Methods

We discussed the theme in the article that explains the correlation between narcissism and emotional dependence, speaking precisely of how the narcissist does not love to be alone and does not accept in any way the feeling ignored. A narcissist himself suffers a lot from being pushed aside. To the point of awakening his deepest emotional wounds that lead him to misbehave in both family and intimate relationships.

Here are the 3 methods we are talking about:

1. Make him feel Flawed in Public

The narcissist loves to be admired by others and feeds on all the attention he can receive. If he finds out you’re making fun of him in public, he’ll feel touched and he’ll be very angry. He works hard on his appearance and doesn’t want anything to hurt him. Of course, doing that won’t give you control over him, but on the contrary, it will make him very angry at you.

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Honestly, the game is not worth the candle. The arguments you may have will be important and he will definitely tie it to his finger.

2. Betrayal and Jealousy

Narcissus wants to feel the most desired in the world and will do everything to be the only Sun of all his prey. But if he ends up having to deal with a prey that puts him aside and replaces him with other partners then jealousy will take over.

An attitude like that will make him fall off the pedestal and start worrying about competing with the third person. If he happens to be betrayed, he may start to feel guilt towards his partner, and he will look for any way to regain control. The problem is, he’s not going to do it schematically like he usually does, but he’s going to feel confused and angry.

3. Devalue and Return

Playing his game is a good way to torture a narcissist. If you decide to leave him, devalue him, and then come back, he won’t know who’s in control of the relationship. Let’s just say he’s going to feel like he’s out of his comfort zone, and then it’s going to be normal to see him disoriented.

A narcissist usually expects her prey to be the one that hangs in his lap and not the other way around. So much so that the majority of relationships that tilt a narcissist are precisely those with people who have the same disorder.

How To Torture a Narcissist: Why You Shouldn’t Do It

It is clear that the anger that pervades after having a relationship with a narcissist becomes of an important scope. You just want him to feel what you felt, but these people live their feelings differently.

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They are not empathic people, we will never tire of saying so, they are people who suffer because of their condition and the fact of behaving like this is a kind of defense mechanism. They’re trying to get back at the trauma they experienced when they were kids.

We are talking about a child who has never become an adult. That is, a person who needs to be, from certain points of view, sympathetic. That doesn’t mean you have to create a relationship or never part with it. On the contrary, it is right to protect themselves from their way of doing things, but it is not right to harm them.

We decided to write down which are the 3 main methods to do it to make you realize that it is better not to do it. The mere fact of walking away from him, no longer becoming his energy and emotional supply, is already the best you can do.

In this way you will separate yourself from his way of doing and you will be able to recreate a life while he will wander in search of other prey from which to take what you do not give him anymore. Surely wanting to see him suffer can bring peace to your afflictions, but it is better to move on and move on.

Why? Because everything you do is just temporary, he might just ignore you and leave. And after he does so, he will look for other partners to behave in the same way. It’s a vicious circle from which it makes more sense to stay away.

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Remember that indifference is the true enemy of Narcissus.