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Narcissistic Ghosting: Do You know what he does when he disappears?

narcissistic ghosting

At one point in the report, we see the narcissistic ghosting. That’s the moment when, out of the blue, he disappears and nothing else is known about him. But why does it happen, and especially what does it do when it disappears into thin air? In this article, we will discover everything there is to know.

What is the narcissistic ghosting?

Before going into the real question, let’s try to understand which attitudes are part of the ghosting of Narcissus. In fact, say ghosting that attitude implemented to not give more news of themselves. From one moment to the next, no more messages will come, if you search on social media you may find yourself blocked (or limited, with the new function of Facebook). Basically, it’s like that person doesn’t exist anymore.

Also, the extent of the displeasure of this kind of attitude about who suffers it is really very high. In fact, the brain activates the same neural circuits that trigger when you experience physical pain. Unfortunately, it is not a beautiful situation to live and you find yourself immobilized. Not knowing if you’re guilty or if you’re just wrong about the person you’ve been dealing with all this time.

But what could make it even worse is to know that the person in question has disappeared to date someone else! However, we must not feel defective when we have always behaved well.

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Who does ghosting, often and willingly, escapes from something that makes him uncomfortable, can not manage the situation giving a dry no and so decides to leave from one day to another, without explaining the reasons and not even say them on request.

Obviously, you can’t force someone to do something they don’t want to do. Insisting and looking for him will do nothing but drive him away, better at this point try to get back on track and try to turn the page. In case it is difficult to get back into the game, then you should contact a psychologist to find the right rehabilitation path.

Only the narcissist practices ghosting?

No. Ghosting isn’t necessarily narcissistic. Whoever does it, he does it because they have great deficiencies inside them, confused feelings and problems that they developed during childhood. He’s been taught that when something’s wrong, it’s better to ignore the problem than deal with it.

In addition, it is fair to point out that many people who do ghosting, it is not that they leave because they want to “download” the person in question because they do not like, indeed! Often and willingly, this attitude is common in philophobics. People who suffer from the fear of love and who, therefore, if they find in front of them a person who could make them fall in love, are so frightened to disappear into thin air.

But even the narcissist does ghosting! This is undeniable, the reason why he does it, however, is linked to a form of control towards the prey. She knows perfectly well that disappearing will hurt her and taking away the possibility of receiving answers will confuse her. It is a form of manipulation, which should be tamed, in order not to give the narcissist complete control of the situation.

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Narcissist Covert and Ghosting: What does he do when he disappears?

Let’s just say there’s not a big difference between Overt narcissist and Covert in terms of ghosting. Both, when they disappear they do it either as a form of punishment or because they are engaged in other, therefore with other preys, obviously in both cases they know well when this can be harmful in the person who undergoes it.

Narcissist Covert, though, hurts a little more than the Overt when he disappears. In fact, a short time before narcissistic ghosting you might notice that he is much colder, uses words that are not at all pleasant to hear and, finally, when you least expect it will have escaped from your life and will be unattainable!

In pathological narcissism, ghosting is a very common attitude and is one of those stages that you have to go through to really realize who you are facing. Tendentially the narcissist devalues you and then disappears because he is bored and wants to seek new supply. And once you find out, you have to take a deep breath and try to move forward. It will be very difficult to do it yourself, but it will not be impossible!

From Narcissistic Ghosting to Zombieing: When the Narcissist “Resurrects”

After ghosting, does the narcissist close or come back? The answer is that he may come back, but not always…

In fact, who does Zombieing (returns as a zombie after having fantasmized), usually does it because he repented, feels sad to have gone and in extreme cases, he repents and tries to return. But this happens in those people who cannot be defined psychologically mature and who, because of some guilt, decide to go back.

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It’s an attitude that never happens with the narcissist! In fact, often he is happy, when the narcissist returns he does it because he wants to verify that he still has power over his prey and has no kind of guilt. In fact, he’ll be proud to see you sad as you wait for his return.

It is obvious that you should never give and receive this kind of treatment and therefore any return of the narcissist after the ghosting must be bravely blocked! Because otherwise the risk will be to fall back into his trap and it will be more and more difficult to get out of it. Counting that then it is a vicious circle, because once back the narcissist will start again.