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Narcissistic Woman: EVERYTHING You Need to Know!

narcissistic woman

When we talk about narcissism, we usually tend to think that a narcissistic woman is a mythological element almost as much as centaurs and unicorns. The narcissistic personality disorder is present also in the female sex, and not only in the male one, albeit in a minor way. Narcissists women, however, are harder to find than men: thanks to this article, however, they will have no more secrets!

Am I a narcissist woman?

Usually narcissists are well aware of it and are proud of it. They do not see a negative connotation in this: they simply think they must deserve the best and that everything is due to them.

Many people, however, are not pathological narcissists but present only some traits that often help them to make a career and succeed in life. In that case there are only adaptive characteristics that can be for example the lust for power that, without all the other negative characteristics of narcissism can lead to simply being ambitious and obstinate people oriented to objectives.

The fact that you’re asking yourself whether or not you’re a narcissist and that a part of you is in doubt lessens the chances that you are.

How to recognize narcissistic woman?

The narcissistic woman behaves quite differently from the man. Usually it is a beautiful woman aesthetically, who cares very, smart and strong personality.

Her attitude usually does not become detached after the first stages: it is highly likely that her need for attention from the partner remains constant. This will serve to always have power by triggering in him strong feelings of guilt.

The change will therefore be slow and gradual, little by little it will change, and she’ll start to be critical, dissatisfied and suffering. She can start out jokingly, starting to belittle her partner’s characteristics, criticizing his choices, tastes, hobbies and even company.

She ends up looking like the perfect one, and he’s just a dumb little guy lucky to have her by his side, typical of the narcissistic covert woman. The man is unfortunately less inclined to talk about these problems or to seek help in a specialist because he can feel belittled even his manhood: for that when dealing with a woman narcissist is much more complex to be able to get rid of her.

How to become a narcissistic woman?

Narcissism is a disorder and one should not wish to have it. The fact that a narcissist woman has a lot of charisma and manages to manipulate prey at will is not positive: she causes only suffering in people who fall into his network.

Adopting a narcissistic attitude by emulating someone who is becomes counterproductive and can lead to developing a behavior disorder. Hoping not to feel empathy for others, not to understand their feelings and to get to destroy them is not a healthy goal to pursue.

How to seduce a narcissistic woman?

It is usually the narcissist herself who chooses her prey. To win her over voluntarily, which is masochistic behavior knowing what she’s capable of, you have to behave like her ideal victim: flatter her and behave in a submissive manner. Flattery must not be either false or purely on her physical aspect: the narcissistic woman loves to be idolized for her relational abilities or for her successes (for example, work).

To impress her, you must show yourself as one of her subjects willing to obey her every request without a word. It’s only natural for her that her partner has no say in the matter, so arguing with her would be pointless since she always thinks she’s right, and if she’s obviously wrong, she equally blames her partner.

How to treat a narcissistic woman?

If you want to figure out how to handle a narcissistic woman, you have to study her first and understand as much of her as you can. Aside from submission, for those hoping to change a narcissist, there are some techniques you can try.

  • The first fundamental rule is to learn not to grant everything. You have to try to impose yourself and find compromises, which could lead the narcissist to episodes of anger and to make scenes with the sole purpose of making the unfortunate feel guilty and have won anyway.
  • Also making yourself desired works, not being always available after a snap of fingers, making her understand that you have other women available is that she is your choice but not the only one possible.
  • Additionally, it is important not to suffer and speak clearly when something is wrong. All without allowing oneself to be manipulated by cry or anything that the narcissist could put in place to avoid the problem.

How to disarm a narcissistic woman?

You’re thinking about how to fight a narcissistic woman? You can leverage two simple circumstances that will freak her out and destabilize her, but only if you’re able to touch her weaknesses.

  • The first technique is to make her feel guilty. They must be true, you must show yourself deeply hurt and annihilated by what he said and did to you, make her understand that her behavior made you feel like a totally useless person.
  • The second technique is to try to undermine your self-esteem, in the same way you do, for example, by denigrating your amateur skills. You have to choose something that she cares about and often asks for confirmation and flattery.

In both cases, you will change (or at least attempt) her behavioral patterns. Narcissists are not empathetic and hardly feel guilt. The fact of being able to prove it means that you will not know how to react, is a behavior that does not belong to you. But be careful… It should be noted that not everyone tries them! So too much force of the hand could lead to the opposite attitude, that is to give it extreme importance and make it feel very desired and desired.

Undermining her self-esteem, instead, is a good technique to wipe out any security. Which is not nice, in fact, no one should ever make someone else feel weaker. In the case of the narcissist, however, it serves to get her down a bit from the pedestal and make her see the other side of the medal.

But there is more…

Narcissists don’t like it when someone makes them feel guilty, much fewer women. That they are skillful manipulators and with a checkmate could change the continuation of the game.

These two techniques are used to give a little breath and a few seconds of satisfaction, but certainly will not change her attitudes, will improve the situation. In fact… they could lead to extremely adverse reactions.

So is it worth putting them into action? Sincerely no. For a balanced person, able to feel, it is not worth playing with someone who is not able to feel.

How to break up with a narcissistic woman?

If you’ve come to the fateful moment where his manipulations and abuse have become unacceptable, it’s time to end it with your narcissist.

It’s a long journey for which you need to find the right support, preferably from competent people who can help you, analyzing your story, to understand you and give you the right motivation to close permanently. You have to cut it off, without leaving any window.

  • The first fundamental move is to make sure that she cannot have information about you: block her profile on every social network, add her contact to the blacklist or, if the situation requires it, change number directly and make sure that she does not get hold of it. Before you take this step though, make sure you succeed! For example, blocking her on social media and after some time unlocking her because you miss her, is not a wise move because it would give her the feeling of still having power over you. Rather use alternative ways, like on every social media there are settings to hide her updates and on the phone to ignore her calls. When you feel ready to drop everything then you can proceed with the real blocks.
  • Change your habits, don’t go to places where she might find you or maybe you were dating and make sure that your common knowledge doesn’t bring back any of your personal information. The latter will be the first people he will reach, a little to speak ill of you and a little to see if he still has some influence.

You have to be firm and, once done, don’t go back. As seductive as she may be, ready to change and solve any of your problems as soon as he has you back, she’ll again begin to manipulate you with the certainty, this time, of having even more power over you.

When a narcissistic woman is left: How does she react?

The narcissistic woman when she is left does not give up and tries, in any way possible, to win you back to have complete control of you and your life again.

She can be as loving as she can be, or she can threaten you, play on your guilt or stalk you, it’s not uncommon for a narcissistic woman to stalk her victim back.

She doesn’t accept that she’s out of control over you and she’s looking for any weakness to get you back on your feet and start over. You can try to get revenge or get jealous: they are all traps and you need a great strength not to give in to the temptation to try again with the utopian hope that she really can be changed.

Is there any way to forget her?

Finding new hobbies is a good way to forget a narcissistic woman.

The only way to really forget a narcissistic woman is to move on, rebuild a new life.

It takes time, there are possible moments of discomfort and relapse, so you must always keep in mind the reason that led to the break. Living an unhealthy relationship with a person who’s just trying to manipulate you is not good at all.

Need to be distracted, keep busy. You can start cultivating new hobbies, dating new people and, once ready, reopen the door to love, the real one. You have to learn again to trust, to understand that not all women are equal, and to gain trust in people.

How to manage a return?

Whether it’s a matter of days, weeks or months, the narcissist has a tendency to come back, she doesn’t give up on anything. Even you’ve completely eliminated her from your life.

She could say that she just wants to be your friend, that she cares about you or that she’s always thought of you. But she might even go so far as to say that she loves you madly but just wants to take back possession of you, selling you a bit like an object you take and leave when you get tired.

She doesn’t care about other people’s feelings or about hurting again, all that matters is getting strong power back to her person.

Narcissistic women can be very convincing and lead you to falter, so it’s good to ignore any attempt at reconciliation.

Is there any way to help her?

The only person who can help a narcissistic woman is a psychotherapist. A victim of her, however driven by love and the desire to help, will not be able to get her out of her ailment.

The narcissist, however, accepts herself for what she is, she does not believe to make mistakes in her behavior, because, by caring only of herself, she sees the suffering of others as negligible collateral damage.

It is difficult for a narcissist to voluntarily choose to start any kind of therapeutic path unless her behaviors harm herself, the only person for whom she can decide to change.