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When a Narcissist Closes Permanently: Here are the 7 Reasons

When a narcissist closes permanently

When a narcissist closes permanently, there are times when he does it forever. But, there are also times when the situation could turn around and consequently see it return. So how to understand if his is a real forever or if he will come back to knock on your door? But above all, what are the reasons for it?

When a narcissist closes definitively: What are the reasons?

Before we know if there really will be a return, we have to understand why he decides to leave. Usually narcissists live relationships in a very simple way. That is, they find a victim who meets their standards, they seduce her, they spend time with her to satisfy their needs, and then they disappear.

This attitude is defined as narcissistic devaluation. We are in the phase in which, the manipulator has now tired of a certain person and decides to switch to another to start over.

Here are the reasons that push him to close relationships:

Narcissist Closes Permanently When the victim falls in love

Here Narcissus knows perfectly well how much the feeling of love is of great impact and that is why as soon as he notices that his victim is totally taken of him, he will know that he no longer has anything else to take.

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The narcissist does not seek love, but wants a challenge. He looks for people who can give him attention in every respect, if they indulge immediately or fall in love, it is as if he had achieved his goal. The challenge is won and we must move on to another.

2. Decides to Close When Bored

As mentioned above, he wants challenges and lives on stimuli. If you find yourself in front of someone too helpful, condescending, who does everything to make him happy then he won’t even bother to attempt the love bombing phase. He will try to seduce and devalue it directly. We deepened the topic in the article that talks about the flight and the silence of the narcissist.

He finds himself in much more difficulty with strong women, unattainable and for whom he has to do somersaults. In addition, in case these are really difficult to conquer, then you might even point all the attention at her without looking at the others. Of course, the magic will end when she gives in!

3. A Narcissist Closes Permanently When It Is Discovered

If you happen to realize his game, his lies and everything he does behind your back and then you put him in front of the truth you’ll see him first deny and then run away.

He’s not the type to take the responsibility of apologizing or showing compassion for what he’s done. Everything else, he will deny, he will say that it is all the fruit of your mind and then he will close relationships. In this case, however, it will be very difficult to see him return.

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4. Could Also Close When It No Longer Has Power

Obviously, his relationships are based on control, and if he notices that he has no control whatsoever, he decides to disappear and waste his energy on other victims. The fact of not having power over people, however, is not something that excites him so much. In fact, he could just let go as a strategy and then regain control later.

5. Closure Comes If It Finds Another Victim

If there is another victim or even many more, the narcissist might consider the idea of disappearing and finally closing with the current one to devote himself to a new adventure that excites him more. The new prey makes him feel alive, and that’s exactly what he needs. For this reason, you might consider turning your attention elsewhere.

6. Distance is Another Cause of Definitive Closure with Narcissus

Well, yes, don’t think I’m willing to keep a long-distance relationship going because I never will! In fact, it will be the excuse to close everything and start over elsewhere, he wants someone who is always available, at all times. Distance is not a good ally for “healthy” couples, let alone a relationship with a narcissist.

Even if you try to reach him as much as possible, it will never be enough. And if you’re thinking of moving to his area to experience your beautiful relationship, go back to point 1 of this list, because you could get to the scrap stage in no time!

7. Definitive Closure is a Mask to Continue Manipulation

This is the most common last case study used by the narcissist. If for example he found it difficult to conquer you using the usual techniques, such as love bombing for example, then he will try to close.

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In doing so, he would like you to at some point make yourself feel or see him again, all to regain the power that was so lacking before. You don’t want to do that and let him go his own way.

When a narcissist closes permanently he never really does

In the end, a narcissist never closes permanently. He only does so when he is really cornered, whether he is discovered or if the person he tries to manipulate becomes uninteresting to his eyes. For the rest, he will always try to return, even years later and in that case it will be up to the prey to keep him away.