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Do narcissists forget you? Not Always!

Narcissists forget you

If you’re wondering if the narcissist forgets you the answer is twofold, there are cases where he will and others where he will remember you very well! But what are the differences between these two situations? What triggers this reaction from the narcissist? Let’s find out now!

Narcissists forget you when you’ve reached your goal

Usually, a Narcissus looks for prey that are completely dependent on him. He wants them to give in to his charm and remain enchanted. It’s a feeling that makes him feel so good and so “full” that he can’t give up. So, here he goes with all his best seduction weapons, and when he gets everything he wants, which is falling in love with his chosen prey, he’s gone.

The fact that we no longer see it could lead the victim to think that they have ended up in what is also known as the narcissist’s discarded phase. Usually it happens that the prey feels guilty, as if he had said or done something wrong and as an aggravating circumstance there will be the complete rejection by the narcissist who will no longer answer the phone calls, messages or will not be found if searched in person.

Does that mean narcissists forget you? Not really, that means he got tired, he got everything he wanted and he can look elsewhere. In essence, as long as it has nourishment from other people it will not go back and, therefore, yes it will have partly forgotten you.

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Often and willingly, however, the narcissists return, they want to see if what was once theirs still belongs to them. If the answer is yes, then they will go away again without too much effort, but if it is not, then they will try to retake.

Do narcissists forget you when you show them you’re strong?

No! Quite the opposite, here the opposite situation is unleashed. That is, the narcissist does NOT forget you and will try in every way to try to seduce you again. Usually he will search and analyze new weaknesses, probably he will find them but if the person in question shows impenetrable, then he can do nothing but give in.

When he stops insisting, however, something curious happens, he will behave a bit like a fox with grapes. So he’s going to despise you, lay all the blame on you, and show himself to be the victim of the situation.

Don’t fall into this second trap, it’s just another way to get you to contact him and tell him to stop saying stupid things about you. He wants to unleash anger on his victims, he doesn’t care if they love him or hate him, he wants them to feel something intense about him. This will make him feel satisfied.

Finally, when he realizes that he can do nothing to seduce a prey that is denied, as mentioned above, will go away. On the contrary, if she gives in, then he will try much harder to make her suffer, he will often play with his feelings.

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Why would you let me forget you?

You should let him forget you because, as much as you’ve guessed, he will anyway. Sooner or later it will happen that there will be someone ready to take your place, someone unaware of the situation and who thinks he has finally found the perfect person.

On the other hand, you will realize the gravity of the situation as soon as a narcissist leaves you, usually does it without asking too many problems, and then not worry about the emotional damage that could create returning. But what will bring great suffering is the fact of having to continue to suffer without being able to get out of it.

Panicking and being afraid that this person will forget you and never come back to you could almost make you want to look for her. Actually, it’s what he wants, which is that someone should look for him without any effort to get him to do it, and the more you insist, the more you’ll feel like you’ve forgotten.

Don’t burden us, because you may not yet have realized that you can finally take back your life and that you will no longer have a person who wants you just for opportunism. For a limited period. Love is reciprocity, understanding and communication, and with a narcissist none of this can ever take place.