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How Does a Narcissist Leave You? To Free Fall!

Narcissist Leave You

Among the many questions related to this topic, one of the most popular is “how does a narcissist leave?”. The question is more than fair, because at a certain point you get to that stage known as the narcissist’s punitive discard and you want to know how things will end. Since Narcissus himself never gives too much information about it!

How does a narcissist leave you after the Discard?

The three main phases of narcissism consist of love bombing, devaluation and discard. So when it comes to the actual phase of discard, something will change disastrously and the narcissist will tend to disappear more and more.

There will be attitudes that will be alarm bells and give a clear sign that at some point, the interest has gone down. There are two main situations that can result in the same ending but with different practices.

  • If he leaves you after a fight, he’ll play his cards right, trying to make you feel guilty. For example, it will be common to hear that you are insensitive to him, that he has done nothing serious and that the fault is never his. It’s a shame that you’ll have unleashed the wrath of one of the most proud people on the planet and for this reason, you’ll notice that he will not speak to you at any moment. Such a tactic is also known as the treatment of the narcissist’s silence. There won’t be anything that’ll change his mind, let alone retrace his steps. On this occasion he wants to see his prey who only wants to make peace with him. Neither more nor less. And the more this one tries to find him, the more he’ll take another hundred steps to push her away.
  • If he leaves you without explanation, he wants to reach the same end as just described, but on this occasion instead he will send you completely confused. Because the day before he saw you as the center of his world and the day after, like when you wake up from a dream, you’ll realize that he’s gone. He’s not gonna answer calls, he’s gonna visualize your messages without answering, and he’s not gonna give you any explanation for what he did. He’ll just be gone. This is a moment that really shocks those who live it, because as rational people as we are, we can not give an explanation for what happened.
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If you’re wondering why the narcissist decides to react this way, the reason is that he got bored, found another prey to get supplies from, added his notch on the belt after seducing the umpteenth victim. I mean, he wants fresh air, and since we’re talking about a person that empathy doesn’t even know what it is, he’s not gonna ask too many questions about what he did. It’ll just go on!

How do you leave a Narcissist Covert?

The narcissist covert when he leaves is slightly more disloyal, because he will play with the guilt of his prey. He may disappear at any moment, but he usually uses sharp phrases that might make you feel guilty.

His game consists in leaving but leaving the door ajar, so thanks to the faults (that you do not have), you could reopen his heart to him when he decides to return. Never give him so much space and let him come and go whenever he wants.

His strategies are almost the same with every victim. It’s like a sport for him, a real target shooting, that after years of training becomes an unbeatable winner. But let’s see in detail how to behave when a narcissist leaves you.

How to Act When He Leaves You?

Usually, the victim left ends up in an abyss from which he struggles to get out. But you have to look at the other side, be brave and let go!

As idyllic as relationships with the narcissist are, they are only and exclusively in the beginning. And that’s what I regret! It is a great sadness to know that a beautiful, charismatic person and seductive, in the end, he is just a person with low self-esteem and with a huge and heavy mask that he wears every day.

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When a narcissist leaves you, you have to breathe a huge sigh of relief and move on. Because that person you lost your mind about doesn’t exist. So don’t look for her again, don’t go peeking on her social media, don’t ask her friends.

Don’t do anything anymore, because there’s nothing left to do.

You could turn into a spectator who, from a distance, watches the beloved Narcissus intent on seducing other prey. Jealousy might wear you out in the early days. But as you move forward and observe calmly and accurately, you will realize that the new prey will have the same fate as you did.

That’s how the narcissist lives, he doesn’t mean to, that’s the only way he knows how to live relationships, and that’s how he grew up. There is nothing you can do about it, there will come a time when anger will end and will be replaced by the sadness of knowing that that person lives a very bad life. The only one who can help him, if he decides to get help, is a psychologist!