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Narcissist’s Escape and Silence: Where is he hiding?

Narcissist’s Escape and Silence

At some point in the relationship, we will witness the escape and the silence of the narcissist. But when he escapes, where does he really go? And above all because he does it? Let’s find out what lies behind the religious silence of narcissus.

Why is he running away?

The first question to be asked is precisely this. In fact, at a certain point in the relationship, we witness the actual escape of the narcissist. This is usually related to the devaluation phase. Here, in fact, the narcissist will get tired of getting supplies from the same person and will look for a way out.

Being a great lover of challenges, will always look for prey difficult to catch. He is a good hunter from this point of view and is bored when he finds one completely submissive to his will. That’s why he decides to run.

Mostly, he’ll try to disappear into thin air, but if you have a relationship of a few months, he might start to drift away and make you understand that his interest in you is practically nil. Alternatively, you’ll find yourself a block on social media or the famous deafening silence. Such an attitude is also known as ghosting.

The Silence of Narcissism: How long does it last?

When a narcissist ignores you, he actually does it for an indefinite time and doesn’t necessarily come back. It is true that he often decides to leave because he wants something new, but it is also true that there are times when he does so because he wants to punish or hurt the person in question.

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So, if this one pointed out to him that he is a “problematic” person, then Narcissus will feel hurt in pride and consequently will use silence as a countermove. He doesn’t usually come back to the people who discovered him or who are very tenacious in wanting to keep him away.

On the contrary, it will return from all those preys that will leave the door ajar. His return, however, should not be seen as a breath of fresh air, because often and willingly he does it only to feel wanted or worse to take back some nourishment from the victim. Then he will return from where he came, he will start looking for other preys and will strive to distance more and more victims who insist on their return.

The concept is that the more you feel searched for, the more you’ll want to stay away. In this way, he will still be collecting energy from the prey, but without the slightest effort. Indeed, he will have even more because in addition to the devalued victim who is looking for, there will also be the new one that is giving him further emotional supply.

Narcissist’s Escape and Silence: How to behave when it happens?

The punitive silence really hurts and is used with great wisdom by Narcissus. The first step is to get it out of your head! He makes the rules of the game, and often his victims do not know the second life that he brings with him.

Besides, they don’t know how little interest he has when he knows people are suffering for him. He is not empathetic and is not able to perceive the emotions of others, being very proud and self-centered, when he will know that a person wants him so much to do madness then he can only feel flattered.

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Not looking for him is a good move that could lead to his return. There will also be occasions when he does not feel at all tempted to return because he has another hundred prey to target, in fact it is not unusual for the narcissist to return after years.

The prey devalued in this case should commit to let him go, often it is not easy and we focus on finding a solution to make it return. Also, the truth is that it is Narcissus who decides when and how to return and a person he really loves in the end remains, regardless of any situation that comes before him.

So, the feelings experienced in relationships with a narcissist are just surrogates of well-being that at a certain point vanish, better to focus on yourself to find someone you really love!