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Love Bombing: What is it and how to notice it in time?


The love bombing is the moment when the narcissist wears his best mask, that of the perfect partner. With this technique, he is able to tickle the victim’s attention and drop it at his feet. Let’s find out what it is and how to save yourself in time!

Love Bombing Signals: What are they?

As mentioned above, love bombing is a strategy to capture the victim’s attention and to make the narcissist appear to be a perfect person. It’s definitely a very effective technique because it confuses the target and makes him estranged from the fact that he’s never met someone like that before. Here are the signs of the love bombing:

  • romantic gesture
  • gifts
  • Unbridled romance
  • ongoing attention

And not only that, in fact, it also depends on the people with whom you interface. Not always in fact the real love bombing is implemented. It often happens, especially in covert narcissists, that this is replaced with less relevant gestures. For example, limited compliments that send in crisis the victim who wants Narciso to do anything to have more.

How long is the narcissist’s Love Bombing?

There is no precise answer in terms of time, but we can say that it lasts as long as it takes to make sure that the victim is completely smitten with him.

Usually it doesn’t take much time but it also depends on the person with whom you have to interface. In fact, it may be that the narcissist comes into contact with more suspicious victims and with whom he has to try harder to melt them. The ultimate goal is always to make the victim fall in love and lose his head.

How do I know if he’s doing Love Bombing to me?

The narcissus runs and knows not to waste time to fall prey in the net! Basically the first signs of recognition of love bombing are the following:

  • All too good: Yeah, if you notice that you’re dealing with a flawless person who looks exactly right for you, then most likely you should raise your antennas. Of course, it’s not necessarily a sign of love bombing, but if from one day to the next he tells you that he loves you, even if he barely knows you and that you are the person of his life, pay more attention.
  • He wants to be always present in your life: The narcissist loves to exercise control and it can often happen that he really wants to spend a lot of time in the company of the victim. This can be perceived as an unhinged sense of love, in reality it is just a tactic to keep it under control and understand what are his habits.

It should be noted that these are not always the signals, in fact Coverts are much quieter. They will never tell you that you are the love of their life after they have just met you, rather they will show themselves as perfect people to whom you will be that you will want to please!

It is very difficult to realize the love bombing, also because each case is to itself, but what is certain is that “if it is too good to be true” then maybe it is not true. Besides, narcissists don’t always do love bombing. The real conclusions can only be drawn when this stage is over and we move on to the devaluation phase.

Can he repeat that during the same relationship?

Yes, this could happen too! But only when the narcissist has been subjected to a period of No Contact and wants to recover ground to return to the good graces of the victim. Here he will act in a different way, he knows that he must move carefully, so it is not said that the attitudes are lavish, maybe he will focus on showing “finally changed”.

How does the narcissist left during this phase react?

Leaving the narcissist during the love bombing phase is like winning a jackpot! In fact, the victim would have saved himself a ton of suffering that would have turned on the narcissist. Be careful though, Narcissus does not forget and in the long run he will try to make the victim pay.

If he feels humiliated, disappointed or abandoned, he will start to tease and put the victim in a bad light with his friends. He might even try to push a little harder to change the game. The only way to get rid of him is to ignore him, after a while he’ll let go and knock on some other door.