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When Narcissist Stops Looking for You: A Stroke of Luck!

When Narcissist Stops Looking for You

When the narcissist stops looking for you, it could finally be the turning point to regain control of your life. Very often the victim is worried by the non-return of Narcissus, in reality he has yet to realize that perhaps not all the evils come to harm. Do you want to know why? Let’s find out now!

When a Narcissist Closes Permanently: Why Does He Do It?

There comes a certain point in the relationship where the narcissist’s hoovering strategies end and his presence becomes nothing. It is as if everything that happened in the past never existed. So what has changed? Why did you make this decision?

Here are the main reasons:

  • Narcissist stops looking for you because he is bored: It happens very often, they get bored quickly and when they see that there is no more fun in torturing the victim, they simply disappear. Returns in this case are very rare.
  • He has other victims who give him emotional nourishment: They love to have a big recirculation of people from whom to suck energy, but they also have 24 hours in a day, so it is not said that they have the time and the desire to manage them all. Here too they make choices and select only those that give greater supply.
  • Victim applied the No Contact correctly: In this case the victim put a point and the narcissist got tired of going in search of further attention. So he just disappears!
  • Victim is difficult to reach: If his prey is far away or is difficult to reach, they do not waste much time with something that is not there and that cannot give him the hoped-for benefit. They tend to focus on something more accessible.
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When a narcissist gives up, he never comes back?

They tend not. Then of course everything is possible, they are unpredictable and could come back even after years! They always look for constant attention and never look back, also because they know perfectly what they have left. A person who has come into contact with a narcissist, after various sufferings and often even after long psychological sessions, realizes that he has had to deal with a harmful subject and drives him away.

In these situations, Narcissus does not like to be discovered and denigrated, so rather than wasting breath and effort with those who do not want it, he seeks those who want it in a total way. The concept itself is right, everyone should go towards a feeling reciprocated. But in the case of narcissists, their intent is to suck energy, attention and feelings to people for purposes that are always not noble and opportunistic.

Victims who have come into contact with the daffodils deserve better than that and should not be dragged down by them.

When Narcissist Stops Looking for You and the Victim Wants Him Back

When Narcissist Stops Looking for You and the Victim Wants Him Back

This is a great classic. He disappears, and the victim wants him back. Here’s a basic problem… It means that the victim is still addicted and in reality we have not reached the final phase of the relationship, but we are in the one known as “narcissistic discard”.

The narcissistic gap consists in totally abandoning the victim to herself and making her pining for feelings, all while negative emotions and anxieties triple! And that’s exactly what Narcissus is looking for, he wants his victims to idolize him, and he will increasingly force his hand to make that happen. All until the victim stops begging and looking for him, and that’s where he comes back. In fact, the narcissist always comes back to try to exercise more power.

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Unfortunately, they are people with no emotional sense, they cannot feel and they are able to cause pain to the people they come into contact with. They are not evil individuals, as many think, but they are people suffering from a personality disorder and as such they know no other way to behave with others. The victim is not a therapist and cannot take the trouble to save them, the only wise move is to get away and hope that one day the narcissist decides to be treated by an expert.

There are victims who, with the Red Cross instinct, try to communicate to the narcissist who is affected by this problem and needs help. It is a very noble gesture, but not all narcissists take it well, many even feel offended and you risk to make things worse. Better to apply the No Contact and leave this chapter behind.

When the Narcissist Stops Looking For You Must Let Him Go

There are those who see it as a relief and those who face this moment with extreme pain. You have to realize that these people are not able to give you the serenity and stability that you need in a couple.

If you’re wondering if the narcissist is suffering, then the answer is yes! They also suffer, but in a different way, their life is very empty, they are always afraid of being abandoned, and they have huge emotional holes that they can never fill. They often live their entire existence in dissatisfaction and risk being alone at any moment.

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It is not a good life but they put themselves in this situation, we repeat that the victims must not in any way take the trouble to save the situation because they need an expert, otherwise they would do more harm than good. That’s why the only solution when the narcissist stops looking for you is to breathe a sigh of relief and move on.