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When does a narcissist collapses? Here’s The Moment of the Emotional Landslide

When a narcissist collapses

When a narcissist collapses, you can see a huge drop in his self-esteem. Victims who have interfaced with these types of individuals usually experience an abundant state of anger and try to figure out how to knock them out. In this article we will find out how this emotional landslide falls on them and what the main reactions are.

When No Contact Brings Down the Narcissist

Often and willingly, the first reason that totally destroys Narcissus is indifference. They are people with very low self-esteem, and the fact of feeling ignored deprives them of all that narcissistic supply they feed on!

To prevent this from happening, very often they will put in place techniques of hoovering to make sure that the victim returns to his footsteps! This is one of the first signs of suffering, to which obviously we must not give in to avoid hurting ourselves again. Let us remember that the aim is never to harm these people who are already internally destroyed, on the contrary, spontaneous distancing serves to find themselves.

When the Narcissist is discovered He collapses

Narcissus is a pathological liar, and his lies are all about throwing water at his mill. In case the victim finds out and denies him, his world crumbles!

The narcissists live on appearance, the fact of being discovered makes them suffer because it means that they have no weapons to take back their lust. Very often they will try to climb on mirrors to save what can be saved but of course they are strategies that do not lead very far.

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The luck is that when the victim discovers the quintal of lies that he invents, he decides (hopefully) to let it go for good. Although it’s understandable to take some time since discovering a narcissist is not very easy because they’re very good at turning the tables. But with a little attention, you will manage to avoid falling back into their network.

When does a narcissist fall? These words could knock him out!

does a narcissist fall

There are some magic words that make him very sick and that we list here only for informational purposes. In fact, as already said, the intention is not to destroy a person who already suffers a lot, but rather to learn to manage the situation. Hurting someone who’s already hurting doesn’t make it any better for the person who’s doing revenge with equally painful methods.

The phrases that hurt the narcissist the most are:

  • You are wrong: In this case, you may feel offended and disheartened. The reaction may lead to anger and complete avoidance of the victim.
  • I don’t believe you: Questioning his word is another way to destroy his self-esteem, he loves to appear and prefers those who worship him. In this case, the privilege of feeding one’s ego is being taken away.
  • I have better things to do than be with you: A sentence like that, said in a moment of courtship, will really knock him out! It’s like they realize, out of the blue, that they no longer have that great ancestry of the victim.
  • I don’t care: Worse than worse! They want to please everyone and that’s why a sentence like that would awaken in him a powerful sense of challenge. It might hurt him, yes, but it won’t help the victim get rid of it, because he’ll look for a way to interest her!
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It’s easy to imagine that these phrases would hurt anyone, but telling them who doesn’t have self-esteem creates very deep wounds. They often bring out very painful memories and moments of their past. It’s never a good way to use them to hurt them. The ultimate goal is always to get rid of it to start your life again, so the No Contact is more than good to get back on track.

Moreover, using these words in a moment of anger could give even more satisfaction than sadness to narcissists. This is because somehow it is proving to give them importance with a very strong resentment. Not to mention the reactions they may have, often narcissists are vindictive, so it’s best not to put too much on the fire.

How does the Narcissist behave after the Collapse?

When the narcissist loses power he suffers, but certainly will not be for long periods. The narcissists immediately start looking for a new narcissistic supply when they do not have any, and here comes the time when everything will be forgotten.

They are people who suffer so much that to move forward they try not to consider their problems. Life has subjected them to enormous torments and they are quite trained to go on without too much delay.

It is never a good choice to play with the feelings of the narcissist, because he does not react as a person without the disorder, but rather with anaffective attitudes.