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When does a narcissist give up: 3 Cases Where He Goes Away

Narcissist Gives Up

When does a narcissist give up? He does so because he realizes (finally) that he no longer has any power over his prey and therefore decides to change course. But what are the reasons why he does it? In this article we discover the 3 most common cases.

A narcissist gives up when he’s out of power

The most common case is this. In fact, the narcissus abandoned at the beginning becomes very restless, always trying to regain control over his prey but, at the end of the games, when the latter has become virtually unattainable, he decides to throw in the towel.

This usually happens right after the no contact, which if done correctly shows itself as an excellent defense against most of its manipulations. Thanks to the fact of interrupting any kind of contact with him, you can finally take a breath of air and see him go away to seduce other victims, from which he can take the nourishment he needs most.

Obviously, his returns could still be there. It also depends a little on his character and his social condition. If for example it is a person who has a lot of prestige and control in everyday life, will hardly bear someone who dares to evade him or if it is a person who has a great recycling of partners. Then he won’t think too much and move on to the next one.

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Nevertheless, it must be emphasized how essential it is for him not to have streaks to pride. So, you could tie it to your finger and come back after many years.

Narcissus Give Up If The Victim Finds Out

Since he’s a big liar, it’s easy to get caught without too much trouble. Usually, a liar has a memory defect and he has to deal with a lot of parallel situations.

When the narcissist is discovered, he first reacts by denying the incident and then begins to close any kind of relationship to leave permanently. The reason is simple, he no longer has weapons to play with the feelings of others, the mask has fallen and he no longer knows how to recover ground.

It is a very painful moment for the victim, who often hopes to see the narcissist collapse to take revenge once and for all. In these cases it is better to avoid creating chaos and to dedicate oneself to the reconstruction of oneself. So Narcissus usually gets his act together quickly because he has no empathy.

Narcissist Gives Up When Resources Run Out

If the narcissist feels ignored, as mentioned above, he will hardly attempt to leave without first having tried them all to try to regain contact with his prey. And among the many attempts he will make, there will be to try to contact friends or acquaintances in common.

In this case, it will be up to the victim to arrive before Narcissus and warn everyone not to give any kind of information so as to keep him away. Otherwise, he’ll be using these people to get to his target. If he realizes that they are not doing anything to help him and do not give any kind of information, he will simply decide to leave. In such a situation it will also be difficult to see him go back, but not impossible.

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When The Narcissist Surrenders You Can Finally Start From Zero

Often it happens that the victims of Narcissus feel sad that they never see him coming back. This is quite normal, because those suffering from narcissistic personality disorder can make people feel unique and desirable (at least in the beginning). That state feels good and is hard to feel in the same way that they can make you feel it. Unfortunately, however, it is only smoke in the eyes, because the moment will come when the castle of sand will collapse and we will have to mend the tears that these relationships create.

Considering starting from scratch and moving on is one of the best actions you can take after having a relationship with Narcissus. You will feel much stronger and more confident than you, because you will have regained control of your life, but not only will you be able to consider starting to date a person who really loves you for who you are and not for what you can give!