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Narcissism and Emotional Dependence: How To Avoid Echo Syndrome

Narcissism and emotional dependence

In this article, we talk about the correlation between narcissism and emotional dependence. In fact, we can deduce that a narcissist is really a person who suffers from such addiction, but at the same time also his victim could fall into the same trap. The latter is also defined as Echo syndrome. Let’s find out what the details are and whether it is possible to get out of it.

Narcissism and emotional dependence: Does the narcissist want affection?

As we have explained in several articles, a narcissist suffers mainly from low self-esteem and much loneliness. He is a person who does not want to be alone in any way, does not bear it and in the face of total loneliness feels really bad.

During the growth and development of an individual suffering from narcissistic personality disorder, you will notice how attitudes will be increasingly focused on wanting to involve the total attention of the surrounding people. Also, the pathological narcissist learns to please people, choosing those with an altruistic mind and inclined to give himself to others.

The reason is linked to the fact that from this he may find involvement, love and attention. However, the main problem, is related to the fact that a narcissist often and willingly puts his relationships at risk because he never manages to satiate the attention that the partner goes to give him.

In addition, being a personality with a great emotional void, it is difficult to maintain a healthy relationship. The narcissist does not really have a way of being but adapts to the person in front of him. The technique he uses to seduce is also defined as a mirror technique, a strategy that tends to replicate what the chosen victim wants. In essence, he will transform himself into the person the victim desires.

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So, in this way seduction is much simpler and it is here that the problems are created. In fact, Narcissus will struggle to play the game forever and so at some point he will have to run away, look for another prey or devalue the current victim.

When pride beats emotional dependence…

After realizing that he will not be able to hold his mask for long periods, the narcissist will tend to move further and further away.

An example would be gaslighting, the technique that tends to question everything that the victim sees or perceives in the relationship with a narcissist. By doing so, it will create a strong doubt in the victim that instead of feeling on the side of reason, she will doubt herself and often take most of the blame.

By doing so, the narcissist will create a state of total dependence on his prey and as a result he will be able to fill his voids in any way he prefers. Mostly triangulating and finding new partners. If then the latter possess more or less all the same characteristics for him, it will be a real walk to increase the quantity of supply that collects from all.

Emotional dependence and Narcissism: Echo Syndrome

Echo syndrome is that state of malaise that is born in the victim. The name comes from the myth of Narcissus, written by Ovid.

The story tells that Narcissus, son of the nymph Liriope and the god Cephysis, was so beautiful that he felt superior to all the people who tried to approach him. So much so that one day, during one of his hunting trips, he met the nymph Eco.

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The latter was punished by the goddess Juno because he had distracted her to avoid finding out at the time of the act her husband Jupiter was cheating on her with other nymphs. Her punishment was exemplary, in fact, she took away her ability to communicate. Echo, in fact, from that moment on could only repeat what she was told.

A day, Echo met Narcissus was in the woods while he was hunting. Narcissus did not even look at her, but Echo fell in love immediately and tried to communicate with him. Unfortunately, every question asked by Narcissus was repeated many times by Echo, and so he sent her away, rejecting her. The nymph Echo depresses so much that it turns into a voice that still echoes in the valleys.

That’s where the correlation with Echo syndrome comes from. Those who suffer from it feel completely destroyed by the narcissist, sad and abandoned. He will tend never to accept that the only love of his life is gone and even in his absence he will continue to love him.

Symptoms of Echo Syndrome

The symptoms of this syndrome are very overwhelming and those who suffer from it usually feel inadequate to meet the expectations of the narcissist, convinced that it is never enough to be loved by him.

In addition to this, those suffering from Echo syndrome will tend to constantly think about their Narcissus, to always want to talk about it with someone to fill the absence and thus keeping open a wound that will take more and more time to close.

How to get out of Echo Syndrome?

It is certainly possible to get out of this psychological state, but it is obvious to say that if the wounds are deep, it becomes essential to turn to a psychologist who can facilitate the process. Only in this way will it be easier to rebuild a life based on self-esteem with the intention of forgetting the narcissist.

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If it can be useful to you, we have explored the topic by talking about the techniques to understand how to fall out of love with a narcissist, surely reading could help you to understand that moving on will not be easy, but not even impossible.

Narcissism and emotional dependence: Echo and Narcissus Are Deeply Connected

Although they follow completely different paths and live opposite attitudes, in the end both seek the affection of the other. The substantial difference, however, is linked to the fact that a narcissist will never be completely satisfied with the love that an Echo is able to give him. On the contrary, an Echo will never have the love it hopes to receive from a Narcissus.

That’s why they both suffer. Nevertheless, the Echo of the situation can find a solution to this suffering by asking for help in a timely manner, because in the end she realizes the great difference that there is between her current emotional state and what she had before knowing the narcissist.

On the contrary, a Narcissus will be much more difficult to convince that it needs someone’s help. The reason is that he grew up this way, he doesn’t know how to live life differently and he developed a personality without empathy, so he won’t be able to perceive the difference. And that’s why many narcissistic personalities don’t decide to embark on a therapy path with a psychologist.