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How to Leave a Narcissist in 4 Moves

How to Leave a Narcissist

Figuring out how to leave a narcissist isn’t easy. A Narcissus does not like to be left, and above all he wants the people next to him to depend always and in any case on him. There are methods both to leave and to be broken up, but they will not always be effective. Let’s find out more!

How to let a narcissist leave you?

The ideal would be to find a way to break up rather than leave him so as to avoid his fatal anger. Something that angers the narcissist, in fact, is precisely linked to feeling abandoned and alone. He does not want this to happen for any reason to the world. He would awaken in him all the emotional wounds of the case.

To be left by a narcissist you have to turn into boring people, who do not give any type of satisfaction and do not follow his mental games. So if he gets angry and stops talking to you, you just have to indulge his silence, if he tries to make you jealous, you don’t respond to that challenge.

This way you will wake up in him the feeling of not being satisfied enough, so he will look for other prey and force his hand to make you feel his absence in the hope that you continue to look for him. Hopefully, from here on, he’ll be gone for good.

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Pay Attention: These measures only apply to those narcissists who do not have violent attitudes. In that case, you don’t have to wait a second to ask law enforcement for help! Any attitude that may harm your person must necessarily be denounced.

How To Leave a Narcissist Without Making Him Angry

There’s no way to leave him without him getting angry, because he’s definitely going to get angry. As mentioned above he does not tolerate being abandoned and his attitude could take unexpected folds, we deepened the subject in this article that explains how a narcissist reacts when he is left.

It is very important to try not to blame him for anything else, otherwise you will feed his anger very much. Regardless of what he did, you have to make him look like a requirement for both of us. But above all, an advantage for him, only in this way will you convince him and mitigate his reaction.

If you’re afraid he’ll react really badly, then get someone to help you tell him, maybe tell him in the presence of a friend or relative. Remember, however, that he does not tolerate in any way the feeling humiliated in public, could react badly in any case, but the presence of someone could prevent the situation from precipitating.

If instead you want to avoid involving people you know then it will be a good move to contact a psychologist, explain your situation and get help in finding a solution. An expert, in fact, can give you targeted advice by analyzing your situation closely.

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Never be ashamed to ask for help, but instead think that it can be a really brave gesture that will allow you to take back your life!

How to Do Without Suffering?

Suffering is normal and it is a phase you have to go through to find serenity. Nothing in the world has been achieved without suffering! So don’t believe anyone who tells you you’re not gonna get sick, ’cause it’s gonna happen!

There are however some tricks that could help you to speed up the process, let’s see what:

  1. Use the No Contact. Said and street, we know! But unfortunately, this is an efficient way to cut ties with the narcissist and keep him out of your life so he doesn’t come back. In fact, seeing him come back will reopen your emotional wound.Cerca di non vederlo più nemmeno con la tua cerchia di amici.
  2. Warn your friends about wanting to keep him away from you, ask them not to invite him when you’re around and vice versa. They’ll understand you’ll see! Also, ask him not to give any information about you to Narcissus as he might use it for some sort of hoovering strategy.
  3. Rebuild your person. It will take a long time to rebuild and restore balance, but it will not be impossible. Do not lock yourself in the house, try to meet other people, attend clubs or gyms and above all just do what makes you feel good! You’ll notice that your life, one day at a time, will change for the better.
  4. Rebirth. Once you have balanced your soul again you can move on to the next level, which is the actual evolution of your person. In this moment you will be able to find again someone to love who respects you for who you are, you will already have an experience that has taught you a lot and above all you will have the opportunity to be happy once and for all.
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Always remember that the fear of not making it will always be there, but you do not let it immobilize you. Go ahead, hold on because you’re doing this for yourself. Also, always keep in mind that if you need outside help like a friend or therapist it’s a good idea to say so without shame because it will be essential for your change.