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When the Narcissist Fails: How Does He React?

When the narcissist fails

Failure is the word that most hates a narcissist, but what happens when the narcissist fails? It obviously depends on the type we have in front of us, but a failure for them has never lived well. He usually tends to blame others! We analyze his behavior and reactions in different areas.

When the narcissist fails, how does he protect himself?

The truth is that he almost always interprets failure as a fault not his own even when he is faced with the evidence. If he fails, he tries to pin the blame on other people, usually his victims. For him, it is not conceivable to have faults or mistakes and is always ready to lie to be right.

This attitude of denial, combined with his endless but engaging lies, is a kind of protection that allows him not to even consider the idea of being able to fail. Even when confronted with concrete evidence, narcissists tend to deny and maintain their innocence.

Narcissist overt and covert in comparison: how do they react to failures?

A big difference is given by the type of narcissus we face: overt and covert in fact do not react in the same way when it comes to failures, on the contrary. Both deny failures and think that they are immune to the possibility that something like this might touch them, but when it comes to interfacing with the harsh truth, things change.

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The Overt, having a security that outshines loudly and feeling virtually invincible, can not be affected even by obvious failures. The image he has of himself is not affected from the outside and, having unlimited confidence in himself, will think that in reality no failure can take away that status. He will try to minimize it, to blame other people or external agents and to escape unscathed. You’re likely to start talking about all your alleged successes as soon as you start talking about it.

The Covert being more closed and fearful about it will not react with the same force and will come out even more frustrated. Having already a low self-esteem and being aware that for him to be a winner is mandatory to gain self-confidence, the failure for him should not happen. He will do everything to prove his worth and to remedy any failures to be perceived as winning again.

Can the narcissist accept defeats?

He doesn’t know how to accept defeats or, rather, he doesn’t accept being able to have them. The problem for him is to deny himself and others that he may have done wrong in some way. Although interfacing with himself can react differently depending on the type of which it is a part of the other will try to protect his image in any way.

He will try to convince you of his vision of the situation, to invent a totally different version or, even worse, to deny that it happened. Unfortunately being really persuasive could really succeed in convincing those who face his words by manipulating it.

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The Love Failure

When it comes to love failure the narcissus always blames a possible closure on a choice. You can say, for example, that you’ve had enough of that person, that you’ve found something better, or that you’ve done everything to get dumped.

The love field is one of those for which the narcissus always tries to be seen at its best. He loves to seduce, to conquer, just for the sake of doing it, as if it were a training. A failure then would ruin his reputation as a conqueror and would not be absolutely acceptable.

The business failure

At work, the narcissist is a leader and/or colleague with whom interfacing is difficult. When it has a role of power failure is absolutely out of the question. He’ll always find a way to blame one of his subordinates and get away with it.

When he is not in a position of power, he will also try to blame others, such as a colleague or a collaborator. If he fails, he will seek revenge on the person he blames for his failure.

When the narcissist fails and fails to escape his guilt

When, despite all his efforts, the narcissist has to accept his faults, he will not be shaken by it for long, so much so that the weaknesses of the narcissist are quite different. The failures of the narcissist will not lead him, as some may erroneously think, to heal or change, on the contrary. He will go on, despite everything, with his ego always well-fed leaving the unpleasant event behind in the shortest time possible.

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Hoping for a change after an event of this kind is pure illusion: the change in narcissus occurs only when its behavior can cause it some damage. So never really taking the blame for what happens to him the failures do not fit into this case.