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Can the narcissist fall in love? That’s who his heart beats for!

Can the narcissist fall in love

If you’re wondering how to make a narcissist fall in love, it probably means you’re already in the phase of devaluation or waste. Or rather, in one of those phases in which the narcissist has decided to move away or, worse, to disappear. Usually, a narcissist tends to come back, but there are cases where back and forth are very frequent. Why? Simple! Often there are partners able to make him lose his mind, let’s try to understand which ones!

Can the narcissist fall in love? That’s who he gives himself to.

If you are looking for an infallible method to make your narcissist lose his head, then know that a narcissist does not fall in love, but on the contrary he is infatuated! This means that it is able to perceive feelings similar to love, but that it is not love.

To be even more specific, here is a list of the kind of people whose narcissus might decide to “fall in love” (in his own way):

  • The thoughtful. We are talking about people with a very heightened sensitivity and well appreciated by narcissists because they are able to perceive their needs from a distance and therefore satisfy them. Kind of like a mom with her offspring. A narcissist in fact needs multiple attentions to feel wanted and wanted and having a hen that takes care of him could take away a lot of headaches.
  • The smart ones. The fact of having an intelligent person next to you means showing the narcissist that it is possible to open a new challenge. Specifically, the fact of having someone sharp around will allow them to demonstrate that they are better and smarter. He always seeks competition and flattery from others.
  • Attractive people. Attractive people make it stand out in the crowd. So it’s obvious that having a beautiful woman or a handsome man next to you can turn it into a focal point among many, in addition to feeling envied by those who watch it.
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Narcissists are also very schematic, so on average a relationship with one of these people will last about 8/9 months. Of course, the exception remains valid, we must keep in mind that not everyone is a pathological narcissist and that most people only develop traits. After about a year, Narcissus will start to feel oppressed and then to look around.

The Victim made him fall in love and lived happily ever after. Or maybe not?

There comes a time in Narcissus’ life when he decides to marry. Which could make the victim feel like a real winner for seducing a heartbreaker and even getting married.

But there is more…

In reality, the favorite prey of the narcissist, that is, the one for which he decides to get to the altar, she is only the one that can satisfy his every madness. In fact, a narcissist still remains a person with big emotional holes. We have already said repeatedly that his preferred technique for attracting attention is to reflect the image of the ideal person the prey desires.

It’s a great bait that can drop you into his net, then he’ll be able to manipulate you at will and do whatever he wants. Unless you decide to change the course of events and then try to leave it.

So the narcissist can fall in love definitive?

To make him fall in love, you have to indulge him, this means accepting his every flaw. A narcissist, however, is not able to create a stable relationship, so this also means accepting the fact of being betrayed, replaced, submissive and often even devalued and discarded. Basically, you have to do the opposite of what we said in the article about how to destabilize a narcissist.

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In the beginning, the relationships with these individuals seem idyllic, but they are only masks of wax that at a certain point melt. Perhaps, and we emphasize the perhaps, it is possible to make them aware of the disorder and consequently try to push them by a psychologist to make a path that can try to improve the situation.

The problem is that usually a narcissist does not accept feeling wrong or unsuitable, so the risk is that he will pour all his anger on you for having “hurt” him, even if in reality you were just trying to help him.

What does a Narcissist Really Feel?

If you’re wondering if the narcissist is suffering from his condition, then the answer is yes. He is a person who tries to adapt to the outside world but does not succeed, he knows that it is difficult for him to be like others and in many cases he feels different, but he does not understand in what is different.

There are various types of narcissism, but usually the most common are not pathologies, but those that possess only some characteristics of the disorder. These people try to feel the same feelings as others, but they are not able to, and all this replaces in anger and envy towards the prey they choose.

Inevitably, even if the first times it may seem really in love, it will happen that he will start to accumulate states of anger that will turn into disastrous quarrels. Especially with the prey he’s decided to raise a family with. From then on the road will always be uphill because it will begin to implement all those schemes that we know so well. So triangulation, devaluation, discard…

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To conclude, we can say that as much as you want to stand up to a narcissist. Then create a relationship you have to be aware of what the consequences will be and therefore decide whether it is really worth it or it is better to apply this effort in the reconstruction of self to find a relationship that’s emotionally sound.