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Healthy Narcissism: That’s Why We Should All Have It

healthy narcissism

Unlike the actual pathology, we can certainly confirm that healthy narcissism can only do well during everyday life. In fact, this can be compared to the self-esteem that we all know and that we know well how useful it is to achieve great goals in life.

Healthy Narcissism in Everyday Life

As mentioned in the introduction, being a healthy narcissist means having a lot of self-esteem. The latter is useful to appreciate the beautiful things of life and its events. Having confidence in you will also make you a great success in your relationships and relationships with others.

This way of life will allow you to look in the mirror and accept yourself as you are, love yourself and always take life from the right direction. You will notice that there is an immense difference compared to pathological narcissism, the latter in fact is focused on wanting to please at all costs to feel accepted because of a low self-esteem.

The successes of a pathological narcissist are flaunted to feel admired and desired by others. This can never happen to a person with a healthy narcissism or high self-esteem, because he will know that to get where it takes it takes hard and hard. Truschini and games don’t usually lead to anything.

And that’s why when she realizes a dream or achieves a goal she will be able to pat herself on the shoulder and congratulate herself, but without having to flaunt it to the four winds.

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Living beautiful love relationships

A pathological narcissist, as you well know, during relationships tries to manipulate his prey. He seduces, betrays and abandons them. Then he returns to see if he still has power over them and if the answer is yes he will stop at nothing and start again.

A healthy narcissist, on the other hand, loves himself and loves others. She has empathy and knows how important it is to have someone around to enjoy her own successes. It is the best way to achieve stability in a relationship even when problems arise. In fact, the quarrels will never be punished with silence, but rather filled with speeches and methods to achieve peace.

Betrayals won’t happen because you get tired of your partner like a toy. If a betrayal ever happens, it will be moved by a loving feeling and not by the pure thirst to seduce and make people suffer only to feel “beautiful and desired”.

For this reason, it is right to consider and appreciate the fact of having this ability that could take you very far in life.

How does a Healthy Narcissism develop?

The principle is to try to love and accept one another, but a large part of it is the growth of the individual. When in the family there has always been respect and altruism you can hardly get worse in life, In addition, parents who accept their children as they are also give them a large dose of self-esteem that can become an essential force to fight the various challenges of life.

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The pathological narcissist, on the other hand, is often set aside by his parents. Therefore, in order to please him, he looks for any way to please them. In this way he will face the growth of a shrewd adult, who will have trained the eye to find people who can give him all the attention he has missed in life.

In the same way, we also find those children idolized by their parents and made to feel better than others. These children, once adults, will feel justified in getting everything they want because they feel the best and as such they can afford to do what they want.

Too bad that they too are tremendously insecure, because they no longer have parents that emphasizes them to give a shit and crush others. Here they have to deal with the world on their own and can often find much smarter or more established people who will demolish their already faltering self-esteem.

When a Good Narcissism Crosses the Threshold and Becomes Pathological?

It’s hard for someone with high self-esteem to just fall into the abyss and turn into a pathological narcissist. But in life, anything is possible.

Usually this happens due to negative events that can cause a loss of self-confidence in the person in question. However, when the latter realizes that she cannot have all the privileges that her high self-esteem gave her before, then she will try other ways to continue to like.

The pathology, however, is difficult to achieve, usually even if you try to manipulate to achieve certain goals, you will hardly develop little empathy. Everything then depends on the events and the extent of the trauma experienced, but basically a healthy narcissist is able to recognize the worsening to which he will be subjected and consequently promptly ask for help. Unlike a pathological narcissist who grew up in one way and as such has always interfaced so with the world, so he does not know the difference.

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In extreme cases, one could learn to become a skilled manipulator rather than a real pathological narcissist. But as already mentioned, with a little knowledge and tenacity you can rebuild and get back on track. The possibility of relying on a psychologist to try to heal the emotional wound remains valid.