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Indifference Kills the Narcissist: 3 Main Reactions

Indifference Kills The Narcissist

Indifference kills the narcissist (of course only metaphorically!), or rather falls into one of those situations that really knocks him out and if you’re looking for a way to tame it then you’re on the right path. In fact, being ignored is one of the feelings that make him feel worse. Let’s find out all his reactions to that behavior.

1.Leaving a narcissist in the Love Bombing: How does he react?

During this phase, the narcissist expects everything except to be left. In fact, his way of acting leads him to think that every person could fall at his feet without too much effort. Most of the time, he’s right, but if he gets hold of a victim who’s very smart, he’ll be very upset.

This is one of the most famous techniques to destabilize a narcissist and his reactions will not be pleasant. The first attempts will be linked to the courtship more and more assiduous, but if the prey responds with indifference, here is that then Narcissus will change strategy and again, will try to repay the victim with the same coin.

The colder the victim becomes, the more the narcissist will begin not to understand how to move. In most cases he will insist until he finds someone else to leverage, but even years later he may decide to return to try again.

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Narcissus is a very proud and often stubborn guy, a great lover of challenges. So, it will become his obsession to have a person who denies himself or worse, ignores him!

2. How the Narcissist Reacts to Indifference after Discard

Often it is the narcissist who makes sure to be indifferent to the victim after discarding her! Yes, but what if this situation turns upside down? If it was the victim who did not react after he decided to devalue it and then discard it.

This kind of indifference makes him very nervous, because it gives him certainty that his work and the effort to try to seduce his prey have gone totally up in smoke. He’ll start to wonder if the victim faked the love bombing or if she was the one making fun of him.

The questions will become many and will begin to chase each other in the thousand doubts that will pop into his mind. His reaction in this case, however, could be twofold is opposite. If by chance he decided to discard you because he found another target, then first he’ll put all his attention on the person in question and then maybe he’ll come back. If the doubt is still strong enough to take him back to “finish the job”, then you will see him coming back to the attention to try to study you better.

Here, of course, the argument is always valid to continue to ignore him and keep it as far away as possible. No one wants to have someone who takes advantage of their feelings. Better let him go his own way… Despite this indifference kills the narcissist because it takes away most of the emotional supply needed and since he does not expect it, it may seem really disoriented!

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3. Indifference to Orders: How do you react?

If you’ve ever found a narcissist in the workplace, you know how much they’ll take it if you don’t respond promptly to their orders. He is able to make your life impossible, but that happens not only at work, but also in everyday life. Even a parent could react the same way.

During work relationships, it is good to look for a strategy. There is one, also known as the “gray stone”, which consists in showing little interest towards a colleague or a leader suffering from narcissism. It often works because these individuals are looking for people to benefit from, no matter what they are.

Other times it doesn’t work and therefore, the situation gets complicated to the point that finding a solution becomes impossible because every circumstance varies from case studies to case studies. Generally, considering the idea of changing air can be an alternative.

If instead it is a child who does not respond to the orders of the parent and to be completely indifferent. Here the parent will try to isolate him even more, he knows well that a child needs a figure to which to refer and will force to deprive him of this benefit. Unfortunately, in these cases the emotional wounds that are created are really very deep, to the point of finding the strength to turn to a psychologist to treat them.

When Indifference Kills The Narcissist: Is it possible to manage the situation?

Unfortunately, relationships with those suffering from narcissistic personality disorder are always very complicated and there are cases where you can come out with your head held high and others instead where it will take some time to recover. They are very good people to subjugate others and to hold them in hand, but with a little commitment and willpower you can get out of it. Surely the fact of treating it with indifference is already a good move to put a wall that separates you to avoid any form of manipulation.

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